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Episode 31 Keto Fail and Matriarchs

This week's episode I discuss my efforts to eat well and exercise.  Our aging mom's and other matriarchs.







Episode 29 Christmas is Coming…Or Not

This week's episode tells 2 stories of Christmas. One story is about The Lawson Family of 1929. The other is a true story of giving and good will at Christmas!!



Episode 28 Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

This week we talk about last wishes, ashes here and ashes there.  Backyard pet cemetery and taking the pet's ashes with you to your grave.


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The Snack Attack Thwack

This week's episode we discuss an accusation of extortion.  The snack attack is real and using USPS to bully a classmate.





Episode 26 Exes Stay Exes

This week’s episode I am joined by my friend of 24 years to discuss the dilemma of an Ex with a plan to “visit” until the secret weapon is “EX”posed. 

Episode 24 Dear Suzanne

This week’s episode is reviewing advice columns from yesteryears. The problems remain the same but what about the advice?  

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Episode 23 Replay Besties by Chance, Sisters by Choice

Part 2 Exclusive story told by my featured guest and close friend, Michelle LaMendola. She shares her account of the hours leading to the life altering event that changed our lives forever. 

Episode 22 The Course of True Love…

Guest storyteller, Jansie, tells the story of her decisions she made at 17 that definitely set the course of her life and true love.  So, so good... 

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Episode 21 Page Six Tour

Page 6 seems to be the place where celebrity types don't really want to see their names.  I decided to check it out and share it with y'all.  It is a short episode addressing the headlines about Tish Cyrus' outfit, Revenge Body and catching up with Olivia Newton John's battle with cancer.


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Episode 20 The Letter of the Law Killeth?

New Year's Eve spilling into 2009 will be a NYE not forgotten by David Johnson (and many others), then 15 years old as the tag-along kid brother for what he thought would be a night of fun and good times.  Things could not have turned out any more the opposite.  Please tune in for this story and the story of a newly divorced man finding love through his television set.

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